Friday, January 29, 2010

Techno meets Morpheus

A couple months ago we got a class visitor and his name is Morpheus and he is a turtle. He had a blast while he was here. I did also. I got to stay with Morpheus the whole time he was here! We played outside and we played with the class.

When we went outside we got to play on slides and swings. It was so much fun playing with him. I was sad to see Morpheus go but he had to.

Click Here for his wikispace

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Swine Flu


Hi, I am Techno Tiger! I am writing a Blog about Swine Flu. As you see I posted a Toondoo on this Blog. A while ago a bunch of kids got sick from the swine flu. Mrs. Abernethy's class did a bunch of research and started a wikispace to teach others about the Swine Flu.

Study Island

Have you ever wanted to take a test or pretest online? What about playing a game while taking a test or pretest? Well you can do that all on Study Island!

I have seen kids in Mrs. Abernethy's class go on study island. On study Island you can do all kinds of tests, like.... Writing, reading, and Math.They showed me that in the writing you can do, letters, prewriting, topic definition, spelling, and more .In the math session you can do, expanded notation, place values, number Theory and more! In reading you can do, character, summarization, and more! When you pick a topic, it will test on that certain topic that you picked.

Finally, you are able to select a game if you wanted to and also change the number of questions they give you. I think it is interesting to watch the class work hard on study Island.

For Study Island Click Here.

By: Techno Tiger

Greenville 1-28 News

Today in the news:
1. The K-Kids Club from East Elementary packed food, supplies and cards to send to the soldiers overseas.
2. Tyler Chase from Commodore Perry, weighing in at 145, was the champion wrestler for his weight class.
3. At Greenville High School, members of the builder's club created lollipop bouquets for Valentine's Day.
4. In Zelienople, PA divers found the bodies of two volunteer fire fighters and one of their friends in a small Pennsylvania pond early Wednesday morning.
5. Police in Sharon are looking for a man named Calvin Young for allegedly shooting a woman on Wednesday.
6. Pittsburgh doctors try to save lives in Haiti and piece the survivors back together.
7. On Wednesday, Amanda Dawes completed the state level geography bee. (Amanda is a former Cyber Chicken!!!!)
8. Last night, Barack Obama gave his first state of the union address.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Newspapers in our Classroom

Did you ever want to know how we get all of these newspapers? Well this is how. We have them delivered to the school office and Mrs. Abernethy gets them for us to read so we can post to you.
One time we were cutting out nouns and pronoun. We all had a newspaper and found some nouns and pronouns. Sometimes Mrs. A's class would get it mixed up and people would have to take the pronouns and nouns off.

Mrs. Abernethy's class posts news to this blog.We put facts from the newspaper. Today (1/28/2010) we just posted a new blog. Hope you can read it.

by Techno Tiger

Gym Class at East

Hi! Today I'm going to tell you about gym class in East Elementary school district. We play volleyball, kickball, hockey, baseball, wrestling, football, soccer, and basketball. Usually we jog, stretch, and do sit-ups. We have contests to see who makes the score table. Sometimes people have ties. Here are some pictures of us playing hockey.

How to take care of Bearded Dragon Lizards

Hi! In Mrs.Abernethy's class, we have a bunch of animals and I am going to tell you how to take care of Bearded Dragon Lizards, We have four. Here are some steps on taking care of your Beardie.
#1. (Setting up their home.) You should have a cage at least a 20 by 10 inch for room.There also should be a water dish. You should clean the cage regularly for their health. When getting the cage you should buy a food dish and some food.
#2. (Keeping them clean.) To wash them you should have a towel ready because they might squirm, if you use soap you should use soft easy soap because it could damage the skin.
#3. (Extra advice you need to know)Bearded Dragons should have a source of heat,and you should give them exercise regularly.

Well that's all you need
to know about taking care
of your Beardie BYE!!!

Our picture has Tornado, Tsunami, Thunder and Lightning!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inauguration Day

On January 20, we had our Inauguration Day. Our new president is Calissa and our new vice president is Cole. Go to our Election blog to learn more about our class election.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Greenville 1-7 News

1. The Good Shepherd Center and Salvation Army are giving out food for the needy. The food is donated by Giant Eagle and volunteers from the community fill the bags.
2. Cleveland Cavs, LeBron James picks up 23 points in the first three quarters in their game against the Washington Wizards. (We're not sure if the wizards are from the state or D.C. We will look into it and make a comment on this blog.)
3. Police in Meadville are looking for a man who robbed the Moose Lodge.
4. There's a vampire on the loose, but it's not what you think. In the U.S. alone it costs more than 3 billion dollars a year to power up all of their technological devices. This is vampire power.
5. Today is the seventh day of 2010.
6. Cleveland Browns coach Mangini drove away from Cleveland Headquarters and they don't think he is coming back.
7. On this day in 1999, President Clinton's impeachment began.
8. Penn State's quarterback, Evan Royster broke Kurt Warner's record of 3,398 rushing yards.
9. A blind man fell on the ice and broke two bones in his leg.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Robot Hall of Fame

Hi my name is Cody. New Years is always exciting but mine was better this year. I went to the Robot Hall of Fame at the Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh!!! It was so much fun, because they had C-3PO and R2-D2 Astro Boy Robby and much much more. Take my word for it. You should go there. The museum has four floors and the hall of fame is on the 2nd floor, so if you go there you should go there first. On the first floor they have a gift shop and a place about earth and natural disasters. On the 2nd floor is the robot hall of fame and a train station for play trains. On the 3rd floor they have ocean life and kitchen lab. On the 4th floor they have a water room for the whole floor. So now you know all about the museum. You should go there!

Techno Tigers Podcast

Today in Mrs Abernethy's class, we all learned about podcasting. Mrs Abernethy showed us a Power Point. Then we played a game to practice the vocabulary.

Mrs. Abernethy said that podcasting was fun and that there were a lot of different types of podcasting. Mrs Abernethy also let us hear some students doing a variety of different podcasts. Some examples are: Book Talks, News Shows, Learning Podcasts, and more.

To learn more about podcasting:
To listen to some of our podcasts:

By: Crystal

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lego Train

Check out the Lego train my friend John made.

Hi I'm Techno Tiger. My friend John made this lego train. It took him 20 minutes to complete the train. He dissassembled it and now he has a truck. The train frame is from a set he got from his aunt. The train's body he made from sets he has collected over the last five years of his life. He got a lego train set last Christmas too. Legos are his hobby. Without them he dose not know what he would do.