Thursday, January 28, 2010

Study Island

Have you ever wanted to take a test or pretest online? What about playing a game while taking a test or pretest? Well you can do that all on Study Island!

I have seen kids in Mrs. Abernethy's class go on study island. On study Island you can do all kinds of tests, like.... Writing, reading, and Math.They showed me that in the writing you can do, letters, prewriting, topic definition, spelling, and more .In the math session you can do, expanded notation, place values, number Theory and more! In reading you can do, character, summarization, and more! When you pick a topic, it will test on that certain topic that you picked.

Finally, you are able to select a game if you wanted to and also change the number of questions they give you. I think it is interesting to watch the class work hard on study Island.

For Study Island Click Here.

By: Techno Tiger

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