Thursday, January 7, 2010

Greenville 1-7 News

1. The Good Shepherd Center and Salvation Army are giving out food for the needy. The food is donated by Giant Eagle and volunteers from the community fill the bags.
2. Cleveland Cavs, LeBron James picks up 23 points in the first three quarters in their game against the Washington Wizards. (We're not sure if the wizards are from the state or D.C. We will look into it and make a comment on this blog.)
3. Police in Meadville are looking for a man who robbed the Moose Lodge.
4. There's a vampire on the loose, but it's not what you think. In the U.S. alone it costs more than 3 billion dollars a year to power up all of their technological devices. This is vampire power.
5. Today is the seventh day of 2010.
6. Cleveland Browns coach Mangini drove away from Cleveland Headquarters and they don't think he is coming back.
7. On this day in 1999, President Clinton's impeachment began.
8. Penn State's quarterback, Evan Royster broke Kurt Warner's record of 3,398 rushing yards.
9. A blind man fell on the ice and broke two bones in his leg.

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