Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Newspapers in our Classroom

Did you ever want to know how we get all of these newspapers? Well this is how. We have them delivered to the school office and Mrs. Abernethy gets them for us to read so we can post to you.
One time we were cutting out nouns and pronoun. We all had a newspaper and found some nouns and pronouns. Sometimes Mrs. A's class would get it mixed up and people would have to take the pronouns and nouns off.

Mrs. Abernethy's class posts news to this blog.We put facts from the newspaper. Today (1/28/2010) we just posted a new blog. Hope you can read it.

by Techno Tiger

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  1. We use newspapers in the classroom as well. We have a bulletin board in the front of the school that we post local news, especially pictures of people we know. We are making our own classroom newspaper which we hope to post when we are done. Googlinggeese