Thursday, November 5, 2009

Newspaper News - 11/5/2009

1. Braden Gladysz got a 135 pound, six point deer! By: Joe
2. In 2007 on this day, the Lunar Spacecraft entered orbit. By: Maddie
3. Greenville High School deals with many absences due to the flu. By: Cylee
4. The number of voters this year was really low. By: Calissa
5. Lakeview School District 5th and 6th grade students competed in academic games at Slippery Rock. By: Kaleb
6. Thiel College is putting on a play of Midsummer Night's Dream. By: John
7. Browns, Jamal Lewis is going ahead with retirement. By: Hunter
8. In Comics, Man gives Garfield a mouse and says "Have fun!" Garfield wonders if he's talking to him or the mouse! By: Bobby
9. Hempfield wants to make sure people don't rake their leaves onto the road. By: Courtney
10. Steeler's premier run stopper is out for the season. By: Maddie
11. Members of Builder's Club at Greenville High School are conducting a warm clothing drive. By: Emily
12. Greenville High School Key Club students rake leaves. By: Kyla
13. Jamestown High School seniors participated in Costume Day last Friday. By: A.J.
14. Theodore Jones got a seat on Greenville Borough Council, beating out Henry Mueller by one vote! By: Calissa
15. It is the 45th day of autumn and it is the 309th day of 2009. By: Maddie
16. Four free kittens, two boys and two girls to a good home. By: Elizabeth
17. Fourth annual spaghetti dinner to honor Zachary Henry will take place from 3-7 pm at Elks Lodge on Saturday. By: Joey
18. The sunset today is at 5:13 p.m. The sunrise was at 6:58 a.m. By: Cody

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