Thursday, November 19, 2009

Newspaper News - 11/19/2009

octnov09 073

1. On this day in 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address at the Military Cemetery. By: Maddie
2. On this day last year Jimmy Johnson (Nascar driver) won his record which was the most championships won. By: Joe
3. Hermitage is having a light-up parade Saturday, November 21. One of the sponsors is Tri County. (We are doing a project on them. See our Trash Mountain wiki.) By: Courtney
4. In Mercer, there's going to be a hearing about the 100 yr old OHL Street Bridge to talk about replacing it. (This bridge is in Greenville and it is closed now.) By: John
5. Pirates attacked ships in Alabama on Wednesday and guards used guns and sound blasters against them. This is the second pirate attack in seven months. By: Crystal
6. The Browns are giving Lebron James (a basketball player for the Cleveland Cavs) a shot at playing football. The coach says he has an orange helmet waiting for him! By: Hunter
7. Rashid Ramzi had his olympic gold medal taken away because he was using drugs before he ran the 1500 meter. Four other athletes were disqualified for doing drugs, too.  By: Calissa
8. Meadville state police said somebody stole a street sign and posted in an intersection and damaged a butcher shop. By: Joey
9. Mercer Methodist Church is having a blood drive from 1 pm to 7 pm on Monday. By: Maddie
10. A senior Afghan officially allegedly took a 20 million dollar bribe from a Chinese company. By: A.J.

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