Friday, February 19, 2010

Greenville News 2/19

1. Today in Columbus, OH the CSS Railroad Company is getting more money to try to increase freight service and take more trucks off the road. By: John
2. Greenville's Water Supply made $450,000 this year. In 2007, they only made $50,000. This is weird, because their rates are dropping. By: Gage
3. Greenville Jr. High Steel Drum Band were in the paper for getting ready for an assembly on Thursday February 18.
4. Winning academic teams from Jamestown (The Chiz) are moving on. (Cody's cousin is on that team!) By: Cody
5. A picture of Msgr. Andrew Karg making the sign of the cross in ashes on a boy's forehead on Ash Wednesday at St. Michael's Church. By: Elizabeth
6. Several horses were killed in a barn fire around 8 pm on Wednesday in Coolspring Township. By: Joe
7. The Greenville Girl's Basketball team will play in the region's 2-AA on Monday. By: Kaleb
8. Today in 1930 (Thursday, February 18), Astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered the dwarf planet Pluto. By: Maddie
9. This year is Reynold's School District's 50th anniversary. By: Calissa
10. Tuesday was Fat Tuesday for Greenville High School (Pig out the day before Lent.)
By: Hunter
11. Sharpsville beats Lakeview in Basketball to hold edge on Greenville. By: Courtney
12. On Wednesday, Lent began. By: Cylee

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