Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mrs. A's Math Monsters

What do you do in math class? Hello!! I am Techno Tiger. I watch Mrs. Abernethy's 19 Math Monsters in math class. They look like they always have have fun. They learn about sorting data, integers (negative numbers), fractions and much more. Every week they have a tech day. That is when they all make videos and do a lot of stuff with technology. They also use Turning Point clickers to work on Study Island as a class. They are all very good friends and they look like they always have a good time. The work they do looks challenging and fun. Most of the time I am watching from the sidelines, but sometimes I get to sit with them while they work! They play the 24 game too. There is even a video of me playing it with Morpheus! (See the Morpheus Fortuna entry to learn about him.) I like the Math Monsters. Thanks for reading!
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Go to our Math Monster Wikispace to learn more about the Math Monsters!

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